About the DonateIT Scheme

About the DonateIT Scheme

Our aim is to provide charities and worthy causes with as much money as possible and IT equipment that enables them to communicate and operate more effectively, whilst protecting the public’s personal data, and reducing waste and the impact on our environment.

Here’s how DonateIT works:

Step 1: Donate your redundant PCs, Laptops and Tablets

We have a network of authorised drop-off points where you can take your unwanted laptops and PCs for safe and secure disposal. This service is completely free of charge. Find your nearest drop off point.

Laptops (preferably with their power cable), tablets, PCs and mobile phones can be any age or condition. All we ask is that the items donated are complete units, and that none of the core components have been removed.

Alternatively, if you cannot get to a drop-off point, you can contact us to arrange a collection of your laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile phones by filling in the form. This is a DPD Tracked Collection Service and costs £10.00 for up to 10kgs.

Step 2: Free, professional data cleansing

At the drop-off point the computers are securely stored before they are collected and processed by Blackmore Ricotech, the company behind the Donate IT scheme.

Free, complete and irrecoverable data sanitisation is then carried out on every PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone using rigorous professional data sanitisation methods. This means there is no risk of identity theft, or any of your information ending up in the wrong hands.

Step 3: Making the maximum out of donated equipment

The equipment is tested and refurbished for reuse if possible.

Alternatively, it will be dismantled for component reuse and offered for sale via trade and online channels.

Any material that is not suitable for reuse is recycled.

DonateIT will then donate 50% of the value to a worthy cause or causes. The 50% retained goes towards covering the costs and fees involved with data sanitising, refurbishing, marketing, delivery and warranty.


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