Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does the Donate IT scheme recycle?

Donate IT will accept desktop and tower computers, laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones, regardless of their condition.

Does DonateIT take any other items of equipment?

We are unable to take any other equipment such as printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, etc. All of these items can be taken to your local household recycling centre free of charge.

Why doesn’t DonateIT take any other items of equipment?

We are unable to take any other equipment such as printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, etc., because the objective of DonateIT is to raise as much money as possible for charities and worthy causes.

Items like those mentioned above incur increased handling charges or may contain hazardous materials; are prone to damage when transported or cost more to refurbish. These items also have more limited, or no, re-sale opportunity. If these items are faulty it costs considerably more to dispose of them in accordance with regulations, and they have almost no material value.

If we accepted such items, it would negatively impact the overall value generated and reduce the overall value for each charity or worthy cause.

It is a government obligation to process all of these items free of charge for members of the public at a local household recycling centre.

What happens to computers once they’re taken to a drop-off point?

Your item will be securely stored. You will be issued a Data Destruction Certificate and confirmation of the charity that will benefit from your use of the DonateIT scheme.

Can’t I delete the information off my computer myself?

Common methods of removing data from a computer such as pressing the ‘delete’ key, or even formatting the hard drive simply remove a ‘link’ to your data and not the data itself. In these cases it is possible to use specialist software to recover your data from the computer. Blackmore Ricotech guarantee to irrecoverably sanitise all data from the computer at our specialist ‘data wiping’ centre by overwriting your data multiple times, or shredding.

How can I be completely assured none of my private information will remain on my computer?

Blackmore Ricotech are trusted by may household named clients including major utility companies, solicitors, accountants, local councils and the NHS to securely collect and sanitise the most sensitive data held on their redundant IT Equipment.

Blackmore Ricotech only use National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) certified data wiping software (BLANCCO) and where this is not suitable, the items are shredded. All items are allocated a unique ID once they arrive at our secure processing facility which is used to track the item through the data sanitisation process. Information regards sanitisation is recorded at each stage to ensure every individual item is processed appropriately. The unique ID is also used to record the item throughout the testing and refurbishment process, then finally to record the value generated so the worthy cause donation can be easily calculated.

What happens to the computers you recycle?

Wherever possible we repair and refurbish computer equipment, so it can be reused by those wanting a new computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. When repair or refurbishment is not an option, an item can be broken down so that the parts can be reused. If any material cannot be reused, we will then recover the individual materials within the equipment. All component materials, such as plastic, copper, gold, steel and aluminium can be recycled.

Could you come and collect our old computers?

If you are a member of the public you can arrange a collection with us by filling in the form. This is a DPD Tracked Collection Service and costs £10.00. If you choose this service, the funds will be split equally between our partner charities.

Groups of people can collect 30 items of personal computer equipment and arrange a secure collection by us. If you choose this service, you can choose which charity or worthy cause will receive the donation.

How can my organisation, or my shop, become a ‘drop-off’ point?

If you wish to participate in the DonateIT scheme by registering your organisation’s location as a drop-off point please get in touch with us.

Charities whose locations are drop-off points will have those details featured on our drop-off points directory. All the proceeds from the equipment collected at that location will go to that charity.

Can we participate in the scheme if there isn’t a drop-off point near us?

You are able to participate in the scheme wherever you are. We are continuously aiming to increase the number of drop-off points available.

Alternatively, if you are unable to get to a drop-off point, and if you are a member of the public, you can arrange a collection with us by filling in the form. This is a DPD Tracked Collection Service and costs £10.00.

If you choose this service, the funds will be split equally between our partner charities.

I run a business. Will DonateIT collect and recycle my company’s old IT equipment?

No, but Blackmore Ricotech can arrange to securely collect ALL of your redundant IT Assets and provide you with all the appropriate environmental and data protection evidence in the form of reports and certificates.

Inevitably, there is a cost for this, however once that cost has been covered, we can potentially provide a revenue share option once the value recovered after processing the equipment, exceeds the cost of processing it. This excess can be paid direct to your business, or in the form of a donation to a charity or worthy cause.

Contact us for more information.

Who are Blackmore Ricotech?

Blackmore Ricotech operate the DonateIT scheme.

We are one of the highest ADISA accredited IT Asset Disposal Business in the UK and provide secure and environmentally friendly solutions for businesses. Our services help to ensure our business meets its compliance requirements under both environment and data protection regulations. Through our extensive re-use program, we aim to potentially provide businesses with an additional revenue stream. Find out more at the Blackmore Ricotech website.


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