How Does it Work

Donate IT is a simple and effective way to help local good causes. Our innovative scheme is available to domestic users, rather than businesses, and helps maximise the value of donation that they make.

As we all become more and more reliant on digital technology, helping charities and worthy causes communicate and operate more efficiently by providing them with quality laptops or PCs is our ultimate aim.

We collect donated laptops and PCs from allocated drop off points which then pass through our data destruction process, ensuring that all information they contain is completely and irrecoverably destroyed. We will then issue a voucher to the donor’s chosen worthy cause to the value of £10 for every laptop and £5 for every PC donated. These vouchers can be used to obtain quality IT equipment through ACTIVE IT our Microsoft approved re-selling division.

Donating your redundant laptops and PCs

We have a network of authorised drop-off points across the West Country, where members of the public can take their unwanted laptops and PCs for safe and secure disposal. This service is completely free of charge. To find your nearest drop off point CLICK HERE.

The laptops (preferably supplied with power cable) and PCs can be any age or condition. All we ask is that the computers donated are complete units and that none of the core components have been removed.

Professional data cleansing

At the drop-off point the computers are stored in a locked cage before they are then collected and recycled by Blackmore Ricotech, the company behind the Donate IT scheme.

Complete and irrecoverable data destruction is then carried out on every PC and laptop using rigorous professional data cleansing methods. This means there is no risk of identity theft or any of your information ending up in the wrong hands.

Recycle old computers to help local good causes

Donate IT is the perfect scheme for schools, clubs or any organisation looking for new ways to receive help. So many of us have old computers at home gathering dust but we don’t get rid of them because we’re worried about what might happen to all the personal data stored on them.

Donate IT offers individuals an easy and practical way to dispose of this old equipment safely, while doing something good for a local charity, club or worthy cause; as well as the environment.

Could you benefit from the scheme?

If you run a local organisation and would like to benefit from the Donate IT scheme it’s incredibly simple to sign up. Get in touch with us today on 0845 867 9544 or complete our online registration form to find out how we can work together and get you some much needed quality IT equipment.

You can also read more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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