Protecting personal data

Many people have old computers sat around at home gathering dust. They know they are no longer any use to them as they were replaced with newer kit some time ago. So why do people hold onto them?

One of the main reasons is people are concerned about what might happen to the information stored on their computers if disposed of through standard routes, such as local household recycling centres.

Identity theft is a growing concern and rightly so. Nobody wants their family photographs, passwords, personal details, emails and documents falling into the wrong hands. People know that the delete button isn’t enough but don’t know the best way to securely destroy their data.

Securely removing personal data from unwanted computers

The great thing about the Donate IT scheme is the peace of mind offered by our professional ‘data destruction’ service.

Every laptop and PC collected by Donate IT goes through a rigorous data destruction process, which completely and irrevocably destroys every last bit of information on the computer before it is recycled or refurbished.

Professional data cleansing

These professional data cleansing methods are the same that are used for Blackmore Ricotech’s business clients, which include major utility companies, solicitors, accountants, local councils and the NHS.

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