Arrange a collection from your business

A business can run the scheme in two different ways;

1) Facilitate a collection of personal equipment from your business

To maximise the value of the funds raised for your chosen charity or worthy cause, your business could communicate with your staff, their friends and family, work colleagues, fellow supporters or even your customers and facilitate a collection of their personal I.T. equipment through Donate IT. The equipment donators will benefit from the re-assurance that the data on their computers will be securely destroyed to the highest standards as your business equipment

All you need to do is gather together a minimum of 30 personal LAPTOPs/PCs and then call us. We will come and securely collect the items and return them to our processing centre. After data sanitising, refurbishing and selling the equipment, your chosen WORTHY CAUSE will receive 50% of the total proceeds after £60 has been allowed to cover the collection costs.

2) Donate your business equipment

This option is a little different to our others because your business has a duty of care under Waste Management Regulations to have documented evidence of any ‘waste IT Equipment’ you dispose of. Also, the Data Protection Act, soon to be replaced with the new EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) has strict penalties, should any of your data get into the wrong hands. It is your legal responsibility to ensure your data is fully protected until you have proof it has been destroyed. Evidence is therefore required, should a breach occur, that you have used all appropriate procedures to protect your data.
Just like a local household recycling centres, a business is not allowed to use one of our local drop off points (the rules for members of the public disposing of waste is very different). BLACKMORE RICOTECH can however arrange to securely collect ALL of your redundant IT Assets and provide you with all the appropriate evidence in the form of reports and certificates. Inevitably, there is a cost for this, however once that cost has been covered, BLACKMORE RICOTECH can then provide a revenue share option once the value recovered after processing the equipment, exceeds the cost of processing it. This excess can be paid direct to your business or in the form of a donation to a worthy cause.

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