Donate your personal LAPTOPs, PCs, and TABLETs to a worthy cause.

Donate IT is an innovative scheme designed to enable individual members of the public to securely dispose of their old computer/s in a way that benefits charities or other worthy causes.

The scheme is operated by BLACKMORE RICOTECH one of the UKs leading Secure IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) businesses. The scheme is free of charge and simple to participate in. If you have unwanted LAPTOPs, PCs, TABLETs and/or MOBILEs just;


Donate IT is not only a simple and effective way for you to help a charity or worthy cause as once collected, we will put all the I.T. Equipment through our rigorous data destruction processes, ensuring that any data they contain is completely and irrecoverably destroyed.

Supporters benefit by securely disposing of their old computers safe in the knowledge that all their personal information is completely erased, so there’s no risk of private data getting into the wrong hands.

The environment benefits through re-use before material recovery of our unwanted computers is a much greener solution for our planet.

How does the WORTHY CAUSE benefit?

After the donated equipment has been collected and all data has been destroyed (to the same standards as any business customer), the equipment is then assessed for reuse by BLACKMORE RICOTECH, who have over 30 years of experience in maximising the value of redundant I.T. Assets. The equipment will be tested, refurbished for reuse (where appropriate) or alternatively dismantled for component reuse and offered for sale through multiple trade and on-line channels. Anything that is not suitable for reuse will have the material recycled for reuse. A small amount per item (normally no more than £2.00) will be allocated towards transporting the items to our secure processing facility, Donate I.T. will then donate 50% of the residue value to a worthy cause. The 50% retained goes towards covering the costs and fees involved with data sanitising, refurbishing, marketing and transporting of the equipment to its destination.

See All Registered Organisations

Wells Cathedral School Foundation

Croscombe C of E Primary School

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

Cancer Research UK

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